Condensor buffers

The Swedes have a patent for a steam engine which has a unique energy storage device in the condensor.  Apparently they have a material encased in a sphere which changes phase (and stores energy) at temperatures which must about about 100 degf.  This material freezes and thaws as the temp goes up and down, thereby smoothing out changes in load.  Neat idea.  But, what material would you use to make something like this?     mrm


2 Responses

  1. These materials are called eutectic salts.

  2. Eutectic can be made from many solution mixtures, depending on the desired melting points. Metal alloys are common, as are uses like salts in a mixture of water, glycol and water, drugs that are designed to melt at body temperatures, and inks that are designed to go on paper liquid, but dry almost instantaneously.
    The word “eutectic” means only low melting point, so that is not much help. The purpose can be to create a lower melting point than either substance, or to ensure that the product melts and freezes at a very definable temperature. Here is where I find conflicting definitions. Some references, state that a eutectic is defined as a mixture where both substances crystalize at the same temperature; This is the stance taken by a company that uses eutectics in marine refrigeration units.
    while others proclaim that the one component can crystallize first, then the other with a drop in temperature.
    Is the difference only in the terminology of simple versus binary?


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