How did they do that???

Perhaps you have seen the video of the generator blowing up after being cyber-attacked which appeared on CNN. Cool video, but what was happening to get a generator to start smoking?  Is this something that could happen in real life?  mrm


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  1. I watched that CNN video. The exact source of smoke is the generator or the engine or the shaft and the bearings…not clear to me. Motors start smoking due to the heat generated in the stator (?) windings if we overload them. I did that once in the NJME lab (oops, don’t tell this to Prakash).
    During summer time, when I was working with Siemens on the cyber security proposal , we discussed these kind of cyber attacks.
    This particular incident can occur if the generator is operated without any controller (or governor or limitter? I hate EEE) and somehow is connected to internet.

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