Hybrid Dessicant Cooling Systems

Wow – Trane (soon to be IR) has a combo dessicant wheel/chiller system which seems to work backwards.  The device takes water from air just before it enters living space and dumps it back into air coming from outdoors.  I buy the concept – question is, why don’t we see this installed out there?  Money?  Performance? Maintenance?  Ignorance?   mrm


One Response

  1. It only works best if you need to reach humidity conditions of around 40%. For 0% RH; its best to use conventional desiccant wheels …whereas for humidity requirements of over 40% (taking into account the cost of providing regeneration heat) – it is best to use the HVAC cooling – reheating system. Trane’s system is a big hit in hospital operating rooms where there is a need for specific humidity levels without going down to 0% RH.

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