Pressure Exchangers?

I’ve been doing some research with desalination plants and keep getting references to a “Pressure Exchanger”.  Anyone ever heard of this?  It’s like a heat exchanger, but instead of transferring heat from one stream to another it transfers pressure.  If it does in fact exist, I feel like it could have important applications outside of desalination.


2 Responses

  1. As far as I have read, appoximately 60 bar is necessary for sea water desalination with reverse osmosis. The water leaves the membranes with a remaining pressure of 58 bar. Pressure Exchanger Systems can be used to recover 93 to 97% of this energy and makes sea water reverse osmois plants affordable.
    Here is a link of the Energy Recovery Inc. which has invented one of these efficient devices:

  2. Hi,

    What sort of other applications you find for a PX?

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