Wind power not as safe as we think?

Now before we start taking down our turbines, we have to realize that wind turbine failure is very uncommon. I’ll make the analogy to air travel. Many people are afraid to fly even though statistically its much more dangerous to travel by car. Statistics and probability do not always correlate with public fear.

The question: Are these breakdowns the product of improperly sized turbines (i.e. NYC East River tide turbines)? Or is the occasional wind turbine failure inevitable?



3 Responses

  1. I beg to differ with your statement that wind turbine failure is very uncommon. Take a look at this:

  2. you cant be serious there are 2033 windfarms is the UK alone and this number is likely to of grown dramicly. Also there Are many more windfarms across the world with UK playing a very small part in this. If you think that these 505 turbine falures with some of them being things like “494 Transport 08/05/2008 Springfield, Missouri USA A truck carrying part of a large wind turbine
    damaged the Highway 60 and 65
    interchange around ten Friday morning.” The wind turbine is not large or heavy enough for it to damage the highway there for it must of been careless driving.


  3. Please, see this news at:

    Twind is an innovative High-Altitude Wind Technology

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