Detonation-Cycle Gas Turbine aka Engine/Turbine HYBRID

Get out your cook-meters folks, we got a live one.

A new engine design patented by Turbine Truck Engines, Inc. (TTE) takes the best aspects of turbines and engines and attempts to synergize them.  Currently in the 5th generation of design, the “Eng-bine” (maybe “Tur-gine”?) boasts:

  • no pistons or valves, and uses no lube oil, filters or pumps
  • uses over 30% less fuel than current engine technologies
  • significantly reduces nitrogen oxide (NO, NO2, N2O2) and carbon monoxide (CO) emissions
  • operates on all fuels: hydrocarbon, hydrogen and synthetic
  • has flex-fuel and mixed fuels capability
  • has few moving parts, requiring less maintenance
  • has a high power-to-weight ratio
  • is lightweight (less than 2 lbs. per hp)
  • is air cooled
  • has cold start capability

Now we’ve seen cooky engine designs before, but a couple things stand out about the DC-GT.

First, Turbine Truck Engines, Inc is a publicly traded company (TTEG) that just formed an alliance with a premier Chinese manufacturing company, Tianjin Outsky Technology, Inc.

Secondly, the upside is tremendous.  The flex fuel capability combined with the potential increases in fuel efficiency make this engine a revolutionary product.  It also holds promise as a low-maintenance alternative to traditional engines.  I could also see this product with applications in electricity production; the quick start-up time and high efficiency make it an ideal candidate for hybrid-renewable power systems.

So how does it work?

Instead of using pistons, a turbine that looks almost like a Pelton wheel is spun by carefully timed combustion in the “EIC” chambers.  Air is supplied by a single blower, fuel is supplied by separate fuels lines for each chamber.  They claim that the timing is a result of the different lengths of fuel lines as shown below.   The chamber at the end of the blue arrows will detonate first, since the line is shorter (Not sure if I buy this).

Once combustion occurs, the backpressure through the air line causes the second combustion chamber to recieve the next ‘dose’ of air-fuel.  The second chamber then detonates, sending the air-fuel back to the first chamber.  Rinse, repeat.

There are a couple of things that worry me about the system (especially since i just bought a bunch of their stock).

  1. Why is it running at 16,000 RPMs?  It seems like they’re testing the product unloaded.  It would be interesting to see the engine run with a load on the system.
  2. The engine sounds absurdly loud.
  3. The CEO was formerly a real estate developer.

Any thoughts?



8 Responses

  1. It looks like “jk” did quite a bit of homework but definately missed some chapters!

    In response to “jk” 3 questions at the end of his post…

    1. RPM’s….remember the Wankel Rotary engine it ran at a high RPM as well….they show the engine running at 16,000 RPM’s to display its ability. As for running it under load….A load will not obstruct the engine from reaching this leverl of RPM, it will just take more time for the engine to get their due to the resistance.

    2. If you want to hear “absurdly loud” then take the exhaust off your Honda civic and you will hear it. The demo of the engine you saw was a prototype with no exhaust system or muffler.

    3. As for the CEO being a real estate developer …if you dive deep into the books you will find that it was through this business that he came to meet Robert Scragg, the inventor of the this turbine engine. Scragg actually used one of his warehouse properties to give a demo to investors years ago. Call Scragg he’ll tell ya!

    As for this product as a whole it is an amazingly simple concept which is quite complex in its makeup with the potential to revolutionize our world in regards to engines. The world needs to get behind this technology for all of our futures! As much as I love capitalism….It bites our behinds when it comes to ideas and technology this big. The lobbyists that are paid to suppress new technologies in order to protect the “fat cats” are a big part of why the United States has been losing ground for years. Again we see it today as the Chinese are putting up the money to push forward a great American idea!


  2. Hello JK,

    I am glad to see you have gotten on board as a fellow share holder, congrats.

    I have had the pleasure of experiencing this engine first hand. This is a turbine engine with an entirely different ignition system that is the patented technology at work here. It just happens that the turbine is the ideal choice to harness the ignition system.

    For the top chamber detonates first and then the bottom. This is the entire technology that makes this so special. This has eliminated so many moving parts in the typical piston engine.

    As to the engine being loud, there is no exhaust or mufflers which will of course be applied on a real world application. It is just not necessary in the testing stage.

    The engine is able to run at 16,000rpm which is amazing. A piston engine is only capable of ~7000rpm and a rotary can go higher. The benefit is that of a motorcycle engine, faster acceleration and less shifting.

    The CEO is a wise businessman. His charge is to grow and market the company. From my experiences speaking with him, he seems quite capable in this role.

    They have assembled a top notch team for the development of this engine to bring it to market. There agreements with China is going to expedite the process and provide the necessary financing to deliver this baby!

    Put on your seal belt as this rocket is taking off.

  3. I appreciate the informative responses, Paul and Larry.

    Is there any way we could see some real data of the engine in operation? I’d be very curious to see a) a load-efficiency curve b) some raw energy input-output data.

    Also, has TTEG considered marketing their product as a prime mover in power plant / CHP applications? It seems like the efficiency, combined with ability to start/stop relatively quickly, make it an ideal candidate for electricity generation.

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  5. Any chance that this engine can produce 500 HP and be small enough and cheap enough to be used in a speed boat. I am an Engineer and I develop medical devices. I don’t know enough about this engine but if it could be made light enough it seems ideal for a boat.

  6. Woww,Really great,I like the way you have wrote.Great Work

  7. R. kinde sr. regarding my patent # 7937945. you seem to have a deep interest in the development of detonation engine technology, please read my patent and tell me what you think. sincerely rk.

  8. practice makes man perfect.

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